Total Drama Island


September 23, 2016

3.0 32 x
The first fourteen campers to cross the finish line are lucky enough to move on to season 2 of Total Drama. Where will they end up? What humiliating challenges will they face? What pain will they endure?
Episodes 2015

Season 1, Episode 26 (The Very Last Episode, Really!)

3.0 39 x
It's the finals and there's a surprise in store for our two reigning champs Owen and Gwen. All their former teammates have been invited back to watch the last challenge - and some of them are even participating!

Season 1, Episode 25 (I Triple Dog Dare You)

3.0 46 x
In the semi-final round, Heather, Gwen and Owen are forced to play a game of 'I Triple Dog Dare You', a twisted version of 'spin the bottle meets truth or dare'.

Season 1, Episode 24 (Are We There, Yeti?)

3.0 41 x
The campers have a rude awakening - literally - when they wake up in the middle of the wilderness.

Season 1, Episode 23 (Camp Castaways)

3.0 38 x
A torrential rainstorm washes away the cabins and Duncan, Gwen and Heather wake up in the middle of Lake Leech with no idea where they are.

Season 1, Episode 22 (Haute Camp-ture)

3.0 79 x
Each camper is getting their five minutes of fame - or make that five minutes of shame when they compete in the Total Drama Island Modelling Challenge.

Season 1, Episode 21 (Trial By Tri-armed Triathlon)

3.0 38 x
The campers are paired up in teams again - only these are the most unholy alliances ever dreamt up by Chris.

Season 1, Episode 20 (Wawanakwa Gone Wild)

4.0 34 x
The campers are challenged to become game wardens and bag a beast. They have eight hours to trap a forest creature but first they have to forage in the creepy boathouse for hunting tools.

Season 1, Episode 19 (Hook, Line And Screamer)

3.0 38 x
Chris and Chef are nowhere to be found. The campers are watching a horror movie about an escaped chainsaw psycho killer who lives in the woods. One by one, our campers disappear.

Season 1, Episode 18 (That's Off The Chain)

3.0 27 x
The campers are challenged to compete in The Tour de Wawanakwa where they must not only race a treacherous motocross course, but build their own bicycles using supplies from the Arts & Crafts Lodge.