Tracey McBean

December 2014

Series 2 Episode 45 Surfbuster

Expired 4.0 319 x
The McBean family with Shamus is off on their annual beach holiday. Tracey always has the best fun, except for one little thing. The surf. Ever since Tracey was a toddler, the surf and Tracey do not get on.

Series 2 Episode 44 Lights, Camera, Action

Expired 3.0 174 x
Quiet on the set! The local film festival has a best short film competition and the school film club has its eyes on the prize.The question is what sort of film will the film club make?

Series 2 Episode 43 Time Skip

Expired 3.0 202 x
Tracey dreams of a machine that could skip time back by a half a minute. Shamus is shocked. He's read stories about time travel and there's one thing that's clear. When you muck around with time, weird things happen.

Series 2 Episode 42 Dirt Magnet

Expired 3.0 188 x
The worst of the worst chores Tracey has to do is wash her dog Sandy. However it could be easy by combining a vacuum cleaner with an electro-magnet and a molecular magnetizing oscillator. Why didn't anyone think of it before?

Series 2 Episode 41 Party On

Expired 3.0 338 x
New girl Bambi is having a party. She asks Shamus to help, and Tracey is going to help too. She's going to help make it the party to be remembered, for all of the wrong reasons. But she's not jealous, understood?

Series 2 Episode 40 Galaxy Blazers

Expired 3.0 202 x
Tracey and Gordon have nothing to worry about when alien-obsessed Carl wants to meet them late at the big overgrown deserted park. Carl won't tell them what he wants to show him. His only one clue: 'it's out of this world!'

Series 2 Episode 39 Teddies

Expired 3.0 175 x
Tracey uses her Total Toy Doctor invention to tidy up Buddy Bear before she donates it to charity. The invention works perfectly-Buddy Bear is as good as new, but it also does something else to Buddy Bear...

Series 2 Episode 38 Anti-Shamus

Expired 3.0 328 x
Tracey invents the McBean Dream Machine and uses Shamus for the first test. She has an ulterior motive. Shamus's birthday is the next day and Tracey wants to get Shamus the present of his dreams.

Series 2 Episode 37 13

Expired 3.0 199 x
Everyone is acting a little unusual and Tracey wants to get to the bottom of it. The cause lies in potato chips. To be precise, collectable cards found in them. Everyone but Tracey has caught collecting card fever.

Series 2 Episode 36 The McConnelly Cousin

Expired 3.5 526 x
It's the start of the school holidays and Tracey is preparing for the worst. Jim and Jake McConnelly always plan something to make her holiday as bad as it can be. Well not this year!