Trip For Biscuits

September 2017

Season 1, Episode 16 (Mind Games)

3.0 84 x
Violet is in a coma! Luckily Bajo knows what every first-aider knows: to get someone out of a coma you convince them to wake up by travelling into their subconscious using homemade virtual reality gear.

Season 1, Episode 15 (You've Got Mail)

4.0 11 x
Getting back to business, the SEPI team investigate a cult leader for possession of an intergalactic mail pod. Will Bajo and Amy avoid getting trapped in the bizarre alien worship cult? Probably not.

Season 1, Episode 14 (Identity Crisis)

4.0 16 x
The team are in double trouble when a shapeshifter takes on Bajo's identity at SEPI HQ. Interrogation techniques are tested to the core but inevitably the whole thing descends into a chaotic laser shootout.

Season 1, Episode 13 (Milkshakes And Outbreaks)

4.0 19 x
What better way for our heroes to relax after weeks of incredulous work, than taking on a mission at a super-relaxing health spa. A pity it's neither super, relaxing, or particularly healthy.
July 2017

Season 1, Episode 8 (Inside Job)

4.0 15 x
How will SEPI pay the rent without some stinky, old eggs? They've gone missing. But the scent has not. It smells like an inside job - so Violet can FINALLY investigate a case completely within headquarters...Yay?

Season 1, Episode 7 (Mostly Armless)

3.0 54 x
Cor Blimey! A robotic arm has gone rogue and become the latest of their online video hits. Can Tosh's sordid past in the underground handshake scene help them shake it off? Will Bajo's cockney English accent fool anyone?
June 2017

Season 1, Episode 6 (Natural Selection)

4.0 25 x
Amy's "fav-vvourite!", the Green Galaxy Group, want SEPI to save the last dinosaur of a species. Surely the team can't manage even a 'technical win' when they're up against wild animals, intergalactic hunters, and each other?

Season 1, Episode 5 (A Change Of Heart)

4.0 31 x
SEPI are hired to track down a stolen synthetic heart. The trail leads them deep into Tosh's sordid past: his old, underground bike-racing team.
April 2017

Season 1, Episode 18 (Best In Show)

4.5 17 x
It's the epic season finale! Will the team save Lola and stay out of jail? Will Bajo finally find out what happened to his parents? And most importantly, will Tosh become an actual ninja?

Season 1, Episode 17 (Dirty Money)

4.5 27 x
In exchange for specialist alien currency, SEPI is hired to track down a dangerous alien, but the mission parameters change pretty quickly from 'solve the case' to 'maybe just not dying would be great'.