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Trixie Motel

Trixie learns the ropes from famed motel receptionist Emily Hampshire and hosts the motel's first sleepover. The team hustles to finish the lobby just in time for the pride party.

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Season 1
Trixie and David tackle the Oh Honeymoon suite and give the motel a test run. Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty join Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan to lend a hand.
Six weeks until the grand opening, Trixie calls in a favor from lifesaver and award-winning actor Leslie Jordan. Trixie hits the beach to get inspired for the Malibu Barbara room.
Things get trippy as Trixie and David take on the '70s-themed Flower Power room. Looking for inspiration, they head to the iconic Brady House with Property Brother Jonathan Scott.
Trixie heads to Milwaukee to visit family and an old friend, Jaida Essence Hall. Things get intergalactic in the Atomic Bombshell room, and alien drag queen Juno Birch is here.
With a pending world tour and country music on the brain, Trixie heads to Pioneertown for inspiration from musician Orville Peck. Then Trixie reveals the Yeehaw Cowgirl room.
With one room under their belt, Trixie and David take on the love-themed Queen of Hearts room. Celebrity guest Nicole Byer and drag sensation Mo Heart lend a hand.
Trixie Mattel and her partner David dump their life savings into renovating a motel in Palm Springs, California. They tackle the first of seven themed room renovations.