True Conviction

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True Conviction

Anna meets the detective and prosecutor who took on the case of Karen Ann Watson, a mother who was brutally stabbed to death. 30 years after the crime, they track down a killer.

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Season 2
Cindy Albrecht the head chef for one of the racing world's top teams, goes missing from her home and as the suspects start piling up it becomes a race against time.
A high-school sophomore is found brutally raped and murdered. The Las Vegas police hunt the monster before he strikes again.
Tyshika Askins is found dead in her home but after charging the wrong man, police knew the key to solving the case lies is an OJ container left out on a kitchen counter.
A 59-year-old grandmother is discovered beaten and stabbed to death in her home on Mother's Day.
Irene Kennedy is found dead in a park, her family is split apart when a distant relative is charged with her murder, a jail house snitch will bring the family back together.
A beloved Pensacola barber is gunned down in his shop in broad daylight, would DNA left at the scene hold the answer to the murder mystery?
Young mother Nancy Klinger goes missing after telling friends she's going undercover on a black market baby sting. Could a police officer be responsible for her disappearance?
A nineteen year-old college student and convenience store clerk vanishes in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Cari Farver goes missing but starts sending text messages to her boyfriend, his ex-lover and her mother. It's up to the police to determine if she's a stalker or a victim.
Season 1
Single mother Donna Willard answers the door to a hooded gunman who shoots and kills her, while her 12-year-son watches from the top of the stairs.
Roxann Jeeves plans to tour a candy factory with her son on his fifth birthday, but mother and son are murdered together in a field.
Law student Tracey Schoettlin clocks out after her restaurant shift, but she never makes it home; the next day, her body is found beneath a bridge with 19 stab wounds.
After a woman and her daughter are murdered, the case goes unsolved for years; then, a mysterious long-distance telephone call leads investigators straight to the killer.
Cindy Monkman Apelt is found murdered in the Arizona desert on Christmas Eve after being reported missing by her husband.
Donna Decker is stabbed to death by an intruder after returning home from work late on a Friday night, while her husband, father-in-law and small son all survive being shot.