True Story With Hamish & Andy

August 2018

Episode 2 (Alan)

4.0 35 x
Alan is a fixer. He fixes things. So when an airline asks him to help replicate a dead Persian cat so the owners won't tell the difference Alan diligently begins on a cat transformation mission. But what results seems crazy even to him.

Episode 1 (Carol)

3.0 128 x
When Carol was 15, she decided faking an illness was the only way to get out of an English assignment. But it turns out once Carol is committed to something there is no going back – even if what she has committed to is entirely fictitious.

Episode 10 (Sam)

4.3 220 x
In this season finale, Sam tells a true story that really is one for the ages. When a series of escalating dares get dangerously out of hand, Sam is forced to accept a dare that he (and now Hamish & Andy and you) will never ever forget.

Episode 9 (Sal)

3.0 171 x
In Sal's true story, he catches the biggest fish of his life, a 30kg Spanish Mackerel. But after failing to heed the warnings from a mysterious fisherman, Sal eats the fish for dinner, giving the small local hospital a night to remember.

Episode 8 (Dani)

2.5 193 x
Dani's true story finds Dani reunited with her childhood crush, joining him on a romantic weekend in Margaret River. But in this shockingly personal tale, Dani explains in excruciating detail, why this date couldn't have gone any worse.

Episode 7 (Phil)

4.0 191 x
This true story follows Phil, who thought he'd taken a cushy job on a luxury resort in the Kimberleys. Instead, he finds himself on a run-down cattle station in the middle of nowhere, hosting two French millionaires on a holiday from hell.

Episode 6 (Tracy)

3.0 261 x
Tracy's true story takes place when she was general manager at a Balinese resort. While hosting a wealthy American couple, the staff make a huge mistake, jeopardising the couple's wedding and leaving Tracy to clean up a very expensive mess.
July 2017

Episode 4 (Emidio)

4.0 169 x
Emidio's true story harks back to when he was a first-year primary school teacher hoping to influence the leaders of tomorrow. What he didn't expect was getting scammed by genius 10-year-old student, Damien, who was always a step ahead.

Episode 5 (Jack)

2.0 198 x
Jack's true story begins with an opportunity to play French Horn in an acclaimed youth orchestra. But when Jack hangs his suit in a questionable spot and one of Australia's oldest concert halls starts flooding, he is the number one suspect.
June 2017

Episode 3 (Sammie)

3.0 234 x
Sammie's true story occurs when she and her husband Matthew decide to embark on the IVF program in the hope of having a child. And how a delicate procedure and Matthew's debilitating fear of needles collide in disastrous consequences.