Under The Vines

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Season 2
In the exciting season finale, Louis decides to make a bold declaration of his feelings for Daisy, but how will she react? (Final)
The Oakley crew head to Queenstown to support Tippy who's speaking at a wine conference. But many truths are revealed along the way.
Daisy and Louis attend Marissa's book club where they meet David's daughter Sienna, but can Daisy charm the daughter as well as her father?
In order to secure a loan, Daisy and Louis have to babysit the bank manager's prize Turkey but it goes missing and there's a heavy frost coming.
Daisy gets asked out by the handsome local doctor but is it a date? And how does newly single Louis feel about it?
As Daisy comes to terms with her new life, Louis tries to repair his old one before returning to England. The two unlikely partners in wine continue to navigate life in Peak View and its population of quirky locals.
Season 1
Oakley Wines enjoys new-found fame and welcomes a surprise visitor, while gala preparations at Shimmering Lake take an explosive turn, putting the entire Showcase at risk. (Final)
Both Gus and Tippy struggle with dilemmas while Daisy's plan to wow the Showcase attendees with a new and improved Oakley seems to fall apart at every step, and Marissa keeps a close watch on it all.
Daisy is ecstatic over Griffin's visit, while everyone is fed up with Louis' self-pity following his marriage break up. Nic asks Daisy and the Oakley gang for support.
The Oakley gang begin preparations for the Behind the Vines Showcase, while Louis attempts to repair his marriage.
Rebecca Gibney stars in this new series about two city slickers who inherit a vineyard. Daisy and Louis struggle to get on the same financial page while learning that running a vineyard will take hard work and sacrifice.
Rebecca Gibney stars in this new series about two unlikely city slickers who inherit a failing vineyard in rural New Zealand. Daisy and Louis soon realise it may not be the delightful and rewarding experience they hoped for.