Underground Army

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Underground Army

Underground Army carries out Operation Storm, the Warsaw Uprising breaks out, but it is Stalin who seizes Eastern Europe and the terror returns. Poles overthrew communism thanks to 'Solidarity'.

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November 2023
Underground courts pass sentences. The German commander is killed. During diversion actions, trains were blown up, convoys were robbed, and prisoners were released. Polish special units from England enter the action.
The Germans and the Soviets shoot civilians, prisoners and the elite. Underground Army member - Witold Pilecki, infiltrates the Auschwitz camp and collects evidence of the Holocaust. There is a propaganda war and the symbol of the Anchor of Hope resistance is being created.
On September 1, 1939, Germany invades Poland without declaring war - the attack of a German battleship becomes a symbol of the beginning of World War II. From the early bombings in the city of Wielun to the German’s conquests of Paris, this documentary follows the various acts of bravery and heroism form Polish fighters. I...