Underground Britain

February 2016

S1 Ep1 - Scotland

3.0 109 x
Scotland - Rob Bell climbs, crawls, dives and burrows into the amazing world of Underground Britain – in search of our most extraordinary, mysterious and challenging subterranean places, from hidden man-made constructions to stunning natural wonders. This is a journey into the unknown, discovering the other side of the story of Britain as Rob travels from the Highlands to Cornwall to uncover everything from modern engineering challenges to bloody medieval mysteries and weird ancient burials. In...

S1 Ep2 - London

3.0 79 x
London - England's sprawling, teaming, traffic-jamming capital has another mysterious side to it that very few people ever get to see. A world of dark forgotten places hidden beneath the bustle and noise of the city streets. Rob Bell lifts the lid on the city beneath the surface. Prising open unassuming entrances and forgotten doorways to reveal the labyrinth of tunnels, vaults and even secret places we weren’t supposed to know existed. (From the UK) (Documentary) (class tba) CC

S1 Ep3 - Northern England

3.0 88 x
Northern England - In this episode, presenter Rob Bell discovers two incredible natural wonders in the Yorkshire Dales - a mile of caves encrusted throughout with waterfalls set in stone and one of Britain’s deepest potholes. Rob explores how new technology is making sense of the enormous cave system which links the two. Next up, Rob learns how Stockport’s unique geology made it an ideal location for building Britain’s largest World War Two air raid shelter. (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S1 Ep4 - Wales

3.0 60 x
Wales - In Rob’s exploration of subterranean Wales, he’ll abseil down a cliff face, do a long crawl in the depths of the earth, explore the “slate capital of Wales” and discover dungeons, chambers and passageways beneath two mighty castles. (From the UK) (Documentary) PG

S1 Ep5 - Central England

3.0 70 x
Central England - Rob Bell travels from Mansfield all the way to Buckinghamshire where he’ll discover the subterranean secrets that lie under the green and pleasant land of Central England. He’ll delve below the surface in the city of Nottingham, to the largest underground network of man-made caves anywhere in Britain, on the trail of a bloody, medieval mystery. His quest will take him to an infamous tunnel that leads to the ruins of Nottingham Castle, and to a long-lost secret hidden outside...

S1 Ep6 - Southern Britain

3.0 63 x
Southern Britain - Tonight Rob burrows, crawls and climbs through Underground Southern Britain. In Torquay, South Devon Rob follows the trail of some of Britain’s very first humans into the mystical underground world of Kent’s Cavern. There he uncovers findings excavated from deep within the limestone caves that sent shockwaves through Victorian Britain and changed the world’s view of the history of man. From the bones of woolly mammoths to a Stone Age human jaw bone and a 500,000 year old flin...