Undressed Italy

December 2019

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 40

Expired 3.8 452 x
On this episode of Undressed Cris meets Anna and Alex meets Stephanie First couple 37-year-old Cris works as a bouncer. He describes himself as a regular and outgoing person. He’s looking for a woman who is either like him or the complete opposite. 33-year-old Anna comes from Puglia and she is a burlesque performer. She ...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 39

Expired 4.4 113 x
On this episode of Undressed Francesco meets Sandro and Lorenzo meets Nadia First couple 31-year-old Francesco comes from Cagliari and works as a computer technician. He describes himself as a possessive person who has been in several important relationships. 31-year-old Sandro comes from Vicenza and works as an interior ...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 38

Expired 4.4 343 x
GINEVRA & M’BARAK DENISE & ANDREA On this episode of Undressed Ginevra meets M’barak and Denise meets Andrea First couple 26-year-old Ginevra is a student and she knows exactly what she wants. She’s looking for a tall man with a penetrating gaze. 24-year-old M’barak comes from Morocco. He works as a p...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 37

Expired 4.0 182 x
On this episode of Undressed Eros meets Cristina and Ivan meets Benny First couple 26-year-old Eros comes from Treviso and works as a chef. He loves reptiles and he describes himself as a passionate lover. He’s looking for a joyful woman. 29-year-old Cristina works as an hostess. She knows exactly what she’s looking for: ...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 36

Expired 3.0 257 x
On this episode of Undressed Danilo meets Lara and Luigi meets Veronica First couple 25-year-old Danilo comes from Lecce, he’s a sportsman who loves to play rugby. He admits he fell in love just once. He’s looking for an outgoing and cheerful girl. 24-year-old Lara is a student and she describes herself as an extremely dy...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 35

Expired 4.5 171 x
On this episode of Undressed Giulia meets Andrea and Davide meets Letizia First couple 26-year-old Andrea comes from Como where he works as a waiter and also as a soccer coach. He describes himself as sensitive person who has suffered for love in the past. He is looking for a girl with a striking look. 30-year-old Giulia ...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 34

Expired 3.8 216 x
On this episode of Undressed Simone meets Livia and Artur meets Katiuscia First couple 23-year-old Simone works as a masseur. He describes himself as a cheerful yet quiet person. He’s looking for an older woman. 36-year-old Livia comes from Turin, where she works as a sales agent. She believes in love at first sight and s...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 33

Expired 4.4 92 x
On this episode of Undressed Andrea meets Veronica and Michele meets Irene. First couple 28-year-old Andrea has a passion for comics and movies and he is still looking for a girl who’s able to impress and support him. 25-year-old Veronica has just graduated from university, she describes herself as an exuberant person. S...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 32

Expired 4.1 434 x
On this episode of Undressed Giuseppe meets Elisa and Chiara meets Flavio. First couple 24-year-old Giuseppe, is a pizza maker, he’s an ordinary guy who’s looking for a girl who is able to support him and to help him out with his uncertainties. 22-year-old Elisa, comes from Brescia, where she works as an interpreter. She...

Undressed (Italy) Season 1 Episode 31

Expired 4.0 76 x
On this episode of Undressed Mattia meets Angela and Rosario meets Viola.