Upper Middle Bogan

February 2018

Season 3, Episode 8 (Christmas Break)

4.0 6 x
Bess struggles to tell Margaret & Julie that she is spending Christmas in New York. Wayne & Kayne try to make their Christmas lights display the best in the street this year, and Danny helps Oscar buy a Kris Kringle. (Final)

Season 3, Episode 7 (Row Row Row)

3.0 14 x
Brianna coaches Edwina's rowing team, with much more gusto than Edwina wants. At the regatta, Evan gives Amber a speedboat, a gift she oddly doesn't like. After minor surgery, Danny stays home while Margaret looks after him.
November 2017

Season 3, Episode 4 (Sons Of Anarchy)

3.0 24 x
Amber is appalled when Shawn invites his new and very alternative girlfriend to stay. Bess is upset when Edwina announces she wants to do medicine after meeting an inspirational surgeon, having never been inspired by Bess.

Season 3, Episode 3 (If You Knew Susie)

4.5 18 x
When Bess discovers that Julie has a secret sister, she enlists Brianna, Amber and Margaret to spy. Danny reluctantly takes Oscar away to a conference and Wayne fights the council after they shut down Kayne's backyard shop.
January 2017

Season 1, Episode 8 (Nationals)

3.0 93 x
Bess and family support Team Wheeler at the drag racing championships. Bess tries to solve engine problems, however the aftermath is filled with fury. Will they sever ties?

Season 1, Episode 7 (Don't Over Think It)

3.0 48 x
Angry with Margaret for not taking her diabetes seriously, Bess sets up training sessions with newly qualified Brianna. Margaret reluctantly agrees, but is surprised at the outcome.

Season 1, Episode 6 (Behind You!)

3.0 37 x
After backing into another car, Wayne is forced to take a driving test. At work, Bess has a bullying issue and Wayne offers to come to her rescue - unaware she may also come to his.

Season 1, Episode 5 (No Angel)

4.0 39 x
Danny is devastated when, after relentless bullying at school. Edwina wants to quit the bassoon. She makes everything alright at a music concert where she plays in a way no one expects.

Season 1, Episode 4 (Picture Perfect)

3.0 76 x
Bess arranges a lunch for her two mothers, which doesn't quite go as planned. Julie feels terrible for giving Bess up for adoption and presents her with a rather unusual gift.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Your Roots Are Showing)

4.0 47 x
Wayne and Julie give Bess a ride in a V8 Supercar to make up for all the birthdays they've missed. Bess is trying hard to please everyone, but no longer sure where she belongs.