Upstart Crow

April 2018

Season 2, Episode 6 (Sweet Sorrow)

3.0 10 x
Will has finished Romeo and Juliet but now there's a lot of competition for who will play Juliet. Kate feels the part should be hers. If only lady-acting weren't against the law. (Final)

Season 2, Episode 5 (Beware My Sting)

3.0 5 x
Will's pleased with his new play The Taming of the Shrew. But for some reason the story of a strong-willed lady humiliated by a man doesn't go down well with any of the women in Will's life.

Season 2, Episode 4 (Food For Love)

3.0 8 x
Will's invented an amazing new dramatic form: the musical! Problem is he needs the help of the greatest songwriter of the age, Thomas Morley, and he's got some ideas of his own.
March 2018

Season 2, Episode 3 (I Did Adore A Twinkling Star)

4.0 8 x
Will has to write a romance set in an exotic foreign location. Meanwhile Kate has fallen for Marlowe but he's off to an exotic foreign location. Is inspiration on the way? All aboard for Verona!

Season 2, Episode 2 (I Know Thee Not, Old Man)

4.0 9 x
When Will's bullying former school teacher invites himself to stay Will has to confront the demons of his childhood, but it soon turns out there's a lot more at stake, including Will's life.

Season 2, Episode 1 (The Green-eyed Monster)

3.0 15 x
Will wants to up his family's social standing, so when a Moorish Prince comes to town he plans to use him to impress the nobility. But things go very awry when a hanky gets into the wrong hands.

Season 1, Episode 6 (The Quality Of Mercy)

3.0 10 x
There's money to be made investing in cargos from the New World: but while Marlowe invests in tobacco and potato products, Will would rather invest in building a new theatre.

Season 1, Episode 5 (What Bloody Man Is That?)

3.0 9 x
The plague leads Will & his friends to escape to the family home in Stratford. On the way they meet three witches who have some surprising predictions to make about Will's future, leading to a very serious case of house envy.
February 2018

Season 1, Episode 4 (Love Is Not Love)

4.0 12 x
Will has completed his final sonnet and senses literary immortality just around the corner. But will the fair youth and the dark lady like them as much as he hopes?

Season 1, Episode 3 (The Apparel Proclaims The Man)

4.0 8 x
Will hopes to move up in the world when he is invited to Lord Southampton's party. But what should a poorly-educated country boy wear to London's poshest do?