Uranium: Twisting The Dragon's Tail

May 2018

S1 Ep3

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Uranium saves lives, treats cancer and brings hope to millions. Uranium was also a promise of clean limitless power. In a remarkable and haunting journey, Dr Derek Muller takes us to Chernobyl and Fukushima, where uranium became a nightmare. In our energy hungry, warming world, uranium both tempts with unbelievable power and threatens all life on earth. Destroyer and saviour, dream and nightmare: the extraordinary paradox of uranium.

S1 Ep2

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In Northern Australia the indigenous people have ancient stories for the place where the uranium is found. They say a great creation spirit sleeps underground, and disturbing this spirit will unleash disaster. Dr Derek Muller takes us on a remarkable journey to see how from the ashes of Hiroshima, uranium promised a new age. The same power that destroyed the city will be harnessed to generate limitless energy and treat cancer. We had tickled the nuclear dragon, woken the spirit beneath the Eart...

S1 Ep1

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Australian-born physicist Dr Derek Muller unleashes a historian’s passion for detail and a physicist’s understanding of science to tell the incredible story of the rock that shaped the modern world. From its creation in an exploding star before Earth existed, to its deployment in nuclear weapons, nuclear power and nuclear medicine, this three-part series reveals how, in a single generation, uranium went from something virtually unknown to becoming the most desirable and terrifying rock on Earth.
August 2015


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Dr Derek Muller explores how uranium promised a brand new age, but at the same time threatened our very existence. Today in our energy-hungry world, uranium both tempts with unbelievable power and threatens all life on earth.