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Season 1
Connie and Douglas are set for a grand tour of Europe. It's one last family holiday before their only son Albie leaves for university. But just days before departure, Connie announces she wants a divorce.
Now he's found Albie, will Douglas' dogged determination to keep his family together be enough to win his son back, and change Connie's feelings? (Final)
As Douglas scours the streets of Venice for Albie, Connie does some detective work of her own. But as Douglas gets more desperate, things spiral out of control in the Italian heat.
Despite a rocky start in Paris, the European tour continues. Next stop: Amsterdam, where it seems that nothing can prevent the family from getting into the holiday spirit.
Ida and Krister are schoolteachers who fall madly in love, move in together and begin a life full of optimism and happiness. They start to absorb each other, delving into a sexual dependency that becomes more and more intense. And then, bit by bit, everything begins to break down. Happiness turns to sadness, passion become...