November 2013

Episode 5 (Final)

3.0 102 x
Episode 5 (Final) of Valemont was broadcast by ABC1 on Thursday 7 November 2013 at 2:35.

Episode 4 6/11/2013

3.0 54 x
Sophie's transition to the most powerful vampire on campus is becoming even more stressful as she learns a war is brewing between vampires wishing to return to their old ways and Valemont's new world order. CAST: Eric Balfour

Episode 3 6/11/2013

3.0 71 x
In a last ditch effort to get to the truth Gabriel attempts to force Sophie to change into a vampire with a vial of garlic water but his plan goes awry when something shows up.CAST: Kristen Hager, Tyler Hynes

Episode 2 5/11/2013

3.0 123 x
Sophie plans to crash the biggest house party of the year and with the aid of her roommate Poppy, she surreptitiously seduces Sebastian and steals a key to the party. CAST: Kristen Hager, Nikki Blonsky

Episode 1 4/11/2013

3.5 171 x
All the students are special at Valemont University but nothing is quite as it seems and when student Eric is murdered, his sister Sophie is determined to discover the truth behind his death. CAST: Kristen Hager, Eric Balfour
September 2013

Episode 5 (Final)

3.0 92 x
Eric takes Sophie to the Norfolk Mental facility and shows her that their mother is not only alive but a vampire as well. After talking with her mother Sophie discovers her father is Valemont. CAST: Kristen Hager