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Vanity Fair Confidential

A woman becomes entangled with a brooding leading man in Hollywood and with the son of a world famous actor, then she is found shot to death.

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Season 3
Untold numbers of young women from across the country are being held captive as pawns in the sex trafficking industry.
A man is found stabbed to death in a Louisiana nightclub, and police discover a blood-soaked note near the victims body that reads, You gave me AIDS.
Season 4
Lawrencia Bambi Bembenek, former Playboy bunny and Milwaukee police officer, said she was framed by her colleagues after being convicted of murder.
Season 3
The daughter of a Peruvian political candidate disappears after a night out in Lima, Peru.
Season 4
A New York socialite is terrorized by a sadistic stalker who threatens to kidnap her daughter.
Greed drives a mother and son to commit murder.
Aspiring actress Vicki Morgan is bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat by her roommate.
Church of Scientology leader David Miscaviges wife, Shelly, disappears from public view in 2007, giving rise to speculation about her whereabouts and what happened to her.
After a governors aide vanishes without a trace, an investigation is launched exposing the dark secrets of one of the most powerful men in the state.
After a young woman disappears in New York, her family becomes convinced she's been murdered.
Season 3
A serial killer known as the Stocking Strangler brutally rapes and murders his victims, and is sentenced to death in Georgia.
Season 2
Tupac Shakur was a revolutionary, a poet, and a music industry phenomenon. Gunned down at 25-years-old, his death remains a mystery until investigators uncover a disturbing new lead.
Panic blankets an Alabama town when a couple is brutally murdered and a father and son are executed. Police are shocked to find that one was buried alive.
Season 1
More than 500 men claim that when they attended a Florida reform school, they suffered horrifying beatings and abuse. Now, investigators uncover a disturbing legacy and unimaginable truths.