Vienna: Empire, Dynasty And Dream

Vienna: Empire, Dynasty And Dream catch up

August 2022

S1 Ep3

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1814. Napoleon Bonaparte had lost his empire and his throne. That Autumn, Europe's most powerful men travelled to Vienna for the ultimate summit meeting - to rebuild the Europe Napoleon had almost brought to its knees. But the Congress of Vienna wasn't all diplomacy - it turned into the biggest party the continent had ever...

S1 Ep2

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After the Ottomans were defeated and the threat of their mighty army receded, war broke out between Austria and the French over the Habsburg's Spanish territories. Called the Was of Spanish Succession. It ended at the famous battle of Blenheim which broke French superiority on the continent. The Austrian Habsburgs and the ...

S1 Ep1

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The first episode begins nearly 2,000 years ago when the Romans established the fortress of Vindobona in 15BC; built to defend Rome from the hostile Germanic tribes to the North. But when Rome fell to Goths, Vandals and Huns, Vienna was plunged into the Dark ages. The only remnant civilisation that remained was the fanatic...