War Stories

Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 2 - The Last Charge

2 x
The spectacular charge by Australian Light Horse at Beersheba is the stuff of legend. The legacy of one Hunter Valley family also lives on. Landline's Emma Brown reports.

Season 2021, Episode 18 - The Country's Toll

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The Great War had a profound impact on rural Australia. Across the nation, the commemoration of ANZAC takes many forms, with dedicated volunteers determined to keep the past alive. Landline's Tim Lee reports.

Season 2021, Episode 1 - In Memoriam

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Even as soldiers were fighting in World War I Australians were erecting memorials. Across Australia, local memorials remain a focus for tributes to service and sacrifice. Landline's John Taylor reports.

Season 2021, Episode 10 - Anzac Painter

2 x
Harold Prosser was a share farmer from New South Wales who died in the killing fields of northern France in World War I. His story is being honoured in art. Landline's Sean Murphy reports.

Season 2021, Episode 13 - Battlefields To Bush Blocks

39 x
It was the dream of many returning ANZACs to take up land and do something for themselves. But not all the land provided to soldier settlers was fit for heroes. Landline's Chris Clark filed this report in 2010.

Season 2021, Episode 6 - Lone Pine

10 x
A pinecone from the battlefield of Lone Pine at Gallipoli became a war souvenir for a Victorian soldier. Many years after the war its seeds have grown into trees that are a symbol of remembrance. Landline's Tim Lee reports.

Season 2021, Episode 15 - Rock Of Ages

12 x
As World War I raged Australian woolgrowers came up with an ingenious way to help the war effort. It brought great comfort to the diggers when they needed it most. Landline's Peter Lewis reports.

Season 2021, Episode 12 - Grief And Glory

4 x
Les Chandler was an avid bird-watcher and naturalist who taught himself photography. In World War I he took hundreds of photographs which provide a unique portrait into a peaceful man's war. Landline's Tim Lee reports.

Season 2021, Episode 17 - Moving Tribute

22 x
The Ghan train trip through the centre of Australia is one of the world's great rail journeys. In 2011 current and former servicemen embarked on a journey of remembrance. Landline's Prue Adams filed this report.

Season 2021, Episode 9 - Fragments From France

7 x
Australian troops found an orphaned French boy found wounded on a battlefield in 1918. He was smuggled into Australia after the war and spent his life as a fisherman in eastern Victoria. Landline's Tim Lee reports.

Season 2021, Episode 7 - Bill The Bastard

32 x
One of the crankiest Australian war horses was 'Bill the Bastard', a veteran of Gallipoli and Egypt. A bronze statue captures its extraordinary and little-known rescue of World War I. Landline's Pip Courtney reports.

Season 2021, Episode 8 - Fighting For Country

13 x
After World War I, a grateful nation granted settlement blocks to tens-of-thousands of returned Australian soldiers. But not hundreds of Indigenous servicemen. Landline's Tim Lee reports.

Season 2021, Episode 4 - Bourke Vietnam Vet

42 x
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have served in every Australian conflict. Victor Bartley says his service in the Vietnam war showed him what life could be without racism. Landline's Lucy Thackray reports.

Season 2021, Episode 3 - El Arish

7 x
Many soldier settlements failed after the world wars. But not El Arish in far north Queensland. War weary veterans carved successful cane fields from the rainforest. Landline's Tom Edwards reports.

Season 2021, Episode 5 - Glencoe Heiress

11 x
Many Australian soldiers wounded in the first world war were sent to an English estate to recuperate. An Australian wool heiress who used her $40m fortune to care for 50,000 wounded ANZACs. Landline's Bec Whetham reports.

Season 2021, Episode 1 - War Stories

17 x
Family members honour loved ones whose stories feature at the National Anzac Centre in Albany, Western Australia. We follow their remarkable WWI journeys - from departure by convoy to the battlefields and beyond - in this deeply personal connection to the tumultuous events of more than a century ago.