We Are Who We Are

November 2020

S1 Ep1

3.0 29 x
Fraser is 14, and he has recently moved to an American military base in Veneto, Italy, from New York. While familiarising himself with his new surroundings, he meets some other kids. From the start, he is intrigued by one of them - the mysterious Caitlin.

S1 Ep2

4.0 5 x
Caitlin has her period for the first time, prompting her to reflect on the concept of femininity. In the meantime, her relationship with her father becomes strained. She leaves the house dressed as a boy. Fraser follows her and sees her flirting with a girl.

S1 Ep3

3.0 5 x
A fracture begins to form within the friend group following Caitlin and Sam's breakup. While Sam turns to the open arms of Britney, Caitlin is judged for spending more time with Fraser.

S1 Ep4

4.0 6 x
With his deployment fast-tracked, Craig spontaneously proposes to his Italian girlfriend, Valentina. Determined to ship him off with a celebration he'll never forget, his friends pool their resources for a Hawaiian-themed wedding.

S1 Ep5

4.0 5 x
Caitlin is about to go out with Giulia, a girl she met when she was dressed as a boy. She asks Fraser to cut off her hair, and help her pass herself off as a boy. The date ends up having unexpected consequences.

S1 Ep6

4.0 8 x
Caitlin’s father punishes her for cutting off her hair. He takes her hunting with him and tries to work out what’s going on with her. But he fails to grasp the dilemma his daughter is facing about her identity. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Fraser go out together for the day.

S1 Ep7

4.0 6 x
At the service, Caitlin’s father blames Fraser’s mother for what has happened. Fraser takes it out on her too, when his friends end up excluding him from an evening they organise in memory of their friend.

S1 Ep8

4.0 6 x
Caitlin is about to leave the base and move to Chicago when Fraser asks her to sneak off to Bologna with him to see a concert. Fraser meets a boy, and Caitlin, too, has an exciting night which turns everything on its head for her.