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Web Of Lies

Adopted 17-year-old Chelsea Schobert has always felt out of place at home. She seeks acceptance online where she meets Shawn, but all is not as it seems

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Season 4
Lonely musician Ray Merrill thinks he's found his dream woman in Brazil through an online dating website. But, blinded by love, he fails to see the warning signs.
Nikki McPhatter has a busy work and social life, but there's only one thing missing -- true love. When she doesn't show up for her usual work shift, her family immediately worry.
Jessika Rovell falls for Jeffrey Marsalis' charm and good looks but when she discovers his secret online life as Dr. Jeff, she realizes she's been dating a monster.
Retiree Alex Strategos moves to Florida to be closer to his son, but loneliness consumes him. He finds 69-year-old Melissa, but is soon struck by a rush of unexplained illnesses.
Beverly Carter is an internet savvy real estate agent, but when she goes to meet a buyer at a remote house, she goes missing.
23-year-old Amanda Taylor shares her entire life on the internet. Following a terrible tragedy, her posts begin take a dark turn. No one is safe, and there is nowhere to hide.
Single mom Lorianna Parker is excited when she meets popular good-looking Corey Davis online. When she goes to meet him in the flesh, her dream date turns into a living nightmare.
A high school student falls for a student nurse online. The course of online love doesn't run smooth as jealous lovers, secrets and lies conspire to keep them apart.
A woman adopts a 6-year-old on an online re-homing forum for children, but is horrified when she learns two of the children may have fallen into the clutches of a child abuser.