Episode 6

4.5 381 x
Ted does not believe in such a thing as a truce; or in playing a long game. Ted has suffered and Ted wants some payback for that suffering. Luckily for him, where there is a Rugby World Cup final at Eden Park, there is a way.

Episode 1

4.1 384 x
It's 1987, and the parade down Queen Street for the NZ America's Cup yachting team is in full swing. Ted and his guys are hiding out on a job, and Wolf and his boys have their own plans. Of course, nothing goes to plan.

Episode 4

3.0 124 x
Rita rebels against Cheryl's plan to go straight, Wolf struggles to leave his life of crime behind and Ted's winning streak comes to an end.

Episode 3

2.0 80 x
Wolf holds Cheryl back from the edge. Rita suffocates in a full house and seeks help from a potential threat. Ted's future looks crime-free and hopeless.
Episodes 2019

Episode 10

4.0 219 x
The Wests come together for Cheryl and Wolf's wedding but the groom has cold feet, and the cops threaten to derail the nuptials.

Episode 9

3.0 111 x
Ngaire encounters a familiar face at Cheryl's hen's party while Wolf is lead astray by an old flame at his stag do. Phineas and Bert fight for Carol.

Episode 8

3.0 63 x
A grisly murder pits the gang against each other, Cheryl and Wolf are at each other's throats over wedding venues, and Rita gives Ted an ultimatum.

Episode 7

3.5 111 x
Sparky's love combusts. Memory lane leads Ted to old promises. Phineas comes clean over his dirty little secret. Round two for Rita leaves her wanting.

Episode 5

3.5 73 x
Ngaire and Lefty explode. Eric's love-life may not be in dire straits. Bilkey finds out all's fair in love and war. And Ted's bad attitude puts him and Rita in real danger.

Episode 2

4.0 173 x
The gang gets roped into the silly season. Ngaire comes home and she's brought gifts. Cheryl's Christmas cheer turns deadly.