What's Your Problem?

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What's Your Problem?

Composting is awesome, but it's also a bit yucky. Joseph and his team need to help Cassie get the food scraps from the kitchen to the compost bin outdoors without touching any mouldy food or wriggly worms.

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Season 1
There is no dishwasher at Pataka's house, so he has to spend his trampolining time cleaning up instead. Joseph and his team need to build a machine that can wash and dry dishes so that Pataka and his mum can relax.
Either Rashid needs three arms, or a machine that can feed him snacks while he is gaming! Joseph and his team are on the case, and it's going to take a lot of wheely fun experimentation.
Ava wants her family to do more to help stop climate change. Specifically, she thinks they can start taking shorter showers and stop making unnecessarily short car trips - Joseph and his team have a few surprising ideas.
April's lunch keeps getting taken by a schoolyard bully. Joseph and his team plan to build the smallest, most explosive machine they've ever created, in order to distract the bully before they realise they've been pranked.
A.J. loves being outdoors but hates having sunscreen rubbed on his back. Joseph and his team need to make a machine to do the job!
Joseph and his team need to make a machine that will feed Alyssa's elderly cat while her dog is out of the house. There's one problem: cats can't open fridge doors!
All Charlie wants is the chance to ask Santa Claus a few important questions. Joseph and his team need to find a way to catch Father Christmas on Christmas Eve for a quick chat.
Xavier just wants a way to quickly clean up his Lego at night, but Joseph and his team have far more ambitious room-tidying plans.
Pearl wants her younger sister Vida to stop coming into her bedroom and messing up her things. Joseph and his team have some very clever distraction-machines in mind.