What The Killer Did Next

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Season 2
A murder investigation leads police to discover a web of lies, control, secret lovers, torture and accusations leading to 3 arrests and a haunting murder trial.
A woman is last seen a week after her wedding. Although family and friends report receiving postcards and emails from her, they haven't spoken to her directly and report her missing.
A man reports finding a woman dead in a hotel room with a suicide note next to her, but police suspect there is more to her death than this.
In April 2019 18-year-old Megan Newton is found dead in her bed in Stoke-on-Trent. As detectives home in on their culprit, across town the killer’s conscience is catching up with him.
Season 1
Kate Prout was murdered by her husband Adrian in 2007 at their country estate. After strangling his wife, he poured himself some whisky, wrapped her body in a curtain and put it in the boot of his car
Norma Bell, 79 was strangled to death and left in her burning Hartlepool home by Gareth Dack, who would often visit her as he was a friend to one of her foster children.
Sian Roberts was murdered at her home by her friend Glynn Williams as they returned from a party in the early hours. Williams stabbed her to death after she confronted him about stealing her jewelery
In January 2013 Peter Fasoli was tortured and strangled by Jason Marshall, who posed as an MI5 agent during a 'meeting' between the pair at Fasoli's London home.
Philip Glenister explores the aftermath of Bei Carter's murder in Bridlington. The investigation hinged on the public's sightings after her killer vanished.
Geoff Seggie was reported missing by his youngest son and ex-wife. When police knocked down the door at his home in Mackworth, Derbyshire, they discovered he had been brutally murdered.
Philip Glenister delves into the shocking story that unfolded in the aftermath of mother-of-four Saima Khan's tragic murder in her Luton home.