Who Do You Think You Are?


Season 9 Episode 1

4.0 8 x
Veteran performer, Noni Hazlehurst, goes in search of the secrets her parents held so tightly. This journey will be a revelation to Noni. She’ll come to understand the impact of war on her immediate family, and why she knows so little about her world-renowned performing ancestors.

S7 Ep1

4.3 2 x
Celebrated actor Geoffrey Rush believes he hails from a long line of farmers but an exploration of his heritage sees him discover an ancestor fighting for justice in the face of corruption and another desperate to succeed in a golden age of creativity. Geoffrey can trace his paternal line back to his great, great-grandfather John Thomas Rush, the first of his ancestors to arrive in Australia. However, he knows nothing of this man’s earlier life in Ireland or why he came to Australia. What he un...

S7 Ep2

4.0 4 x
Acclaimed actress Toni Collette uncovers a stunning family secret in an intensely personal episode of Who Do You Think You Are?. With a question mark over her dad’s parentage and her mother abandoned as a young child, Toni Collette’s grandparents are a mystery she is hoping to solve. Toni’s father Bob has long questioned whether the man listed on his birth certificate was actually his father. In a first for the series, a DNA test is undertaken and Toni Collette opens the results on screen. Toni...

S7 Ep3

3.0 3 x
Chef and restaurateur Luke Nguyen was born in 1978 into a world of danger and uncertainty - his family was among the two million Vietnamese who fled the Communist regime after the Vietnam War. While the Nguyen family eventually found safety, settling in Cabramatta, Sydney - their life in Australia was anything but easy. In tonight's program, Luke discovers his grandfather had a wife and child in China, who he left behind, when he migrated to Vietnam and began a second family. Luke searches a re...

S7 Ep4

3.5 1 x
Actor David Wenham has inhabited countless characters in a 30 year career spanning theatre, TV and film but the characters in David’s own bloodline remain largely unknown to him. David was very close to his father, now deceased, yet he knows remarkably little about his background. He does know that his father’s birth name was not Wenham but Bateup. Delving into the mystery behind his father’s fostered childhood, David uncovers tales of horror and valour in the trenches of Gallipoli and the Somm...

S7 Ep5

3.0 0 x
Australian sporting icon Dawn Fraser is on the trail of the grandparents she never knew. Her search takes her back to her childhood home, in Balmain, Sydney. There, Dawn discovers the story of her grandmother - who was widowed young and who then married her former husband’s best friend. Next, Dawn’s investigation takes her to the birth place of her grandfather - Peru. As she delves into her South American heritage, she uncovers the story of a freedom fighter who sacrificed everything for his co...

S7 Ep6

3.0 1 x
Actor and comedian Peter Rowsthorn turns his attention towards his early Australian family, and much to his delight, discovers he has two convicts in his family tree. Peter sets out to unearth what crimes his ancestors had committed to get them sent to the penal colony. Then, a long held family secret is revealed with Peter discovering a grandfather he never knew - and finding hand-written notes written before his mysterious death. The new connection to his grandfather sees Peter pondering whet...

S7 Ep7

3.0 2 x
Iconic entertainer Greig Pickhaver, known for his comedic alter ego HG Nelson, investigates the leading characters in his family history. His search uncovers a great-grandfather, Samuel Rinder, who in the late 19th century, made his fortune as a sheep trader in Bendigo. As a wealthy man Rinder spent much of his time and money at the racetrack, but as the economic recession loomed he resorted to fraud and became a wanted man. Greig also investigates a family secret that’s much closer to home. Hi...

S7 Ep8

3.0 1 x
A lifetime spent in journalism has seen Ray Martin witness some of the defining moments of his time. Looking into his own history he finds his forbears too were on the frontline of nation shaping events - discovering an ancestor at the scene of Australia's greatest armed rebellion. On his maternal side he walks in the footprints of his indigenous ancestors to solve a long-standing family mystery. And he follows his convict trail back to Ireland to find a notorious bandit with a rebel heart. (Co...

S8 Ep1 - Julia Morris

3.0 0 x
Julia Morris - In this new season, eight of Australia's most respected and recognisable faces retrace the footsteps of their ancestors across the country and around the world, as they strive to make sense of the present by connecting with their family's paths. Award-winning stand-up comedian and host of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' Julia Morris finds her great grandfather in controversial Labor Premier J.T. Lang's intimate inner circle, and she investigates whether her grandfather w...