Who Do You Think You Are?

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Journalist, Melissa Doyle, sees her family tree come to life as she discovers the first of her paternal ancestors to cross the ocean to Australia, and on her maternal side, to travel to New Zealand.

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Season 12
Singer and actor Natalie Bassingthwaighte says members of her maternal family always hold their cards close to their chest. As a result, Natalie knows little of her family history and has heard only whispers of the uncertain lineage of her beloved Grandmother Gwen. Investigating the truth behind Gwen’s ancestry, Natalie di...
Jeff Fatt, famous as the Purple Wiggle, knows his Chinese roots go back four generations into Australia’s history, but he wants details of why those ancestors came to Australia and what their lives were like.
When Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull opens the book on his family history, curiosity turns to fascination when he discovers a mysterious unclaimed fortune. His family tree becomes an intriguing puzzle as he goes on a mission to answer the burning question, who got the money? Curious about unexplored family lines Mal...
When Celia Pacquola digs into her beloved mum’s family, she finds her three times Scottish great grandfather, John Rae, was Sydney’s first Town Clerk, and his talent as a landscape painter was of historic significance. She learns of the romance and tragedy of John Rae’s life in Sydney, and how that spurs him on to create a...
Season 11
Australia’s first female Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has always had a love for the world, and she’s now on a mission to discover where she inherited her globetrotting, adventurous spirit from.
Kat Stewart’s stable and loving upbringing instilled in her a strong sense of ethics, and it’s with this belief that she goes on her ancestral journey, seeking characters who were both principled and just a little bit colourful. She’ll soon discover a strong Irish woman who experienced her fair share of tragedy, and an Eng...
When swimmer Lisa Curry delves into her maternal family past, she finds hard working German immigrants who risked everything to become the masters of their own destiny in Queensland. Lisa’s distant relationship with her late father had a profound effect on her life. But by tracing his life and her paternal ancestors in war...
Season 10
Actor Rodger Corser rose to fame for his roles in the award-winning crime series Underbelly and the critically-acclaimed Glitch, and for the series lead on Doctor, Doctor. But while Rodger is comfortable donning the mask of a character, exploring his own identity is a little more daunting.
Season 8
John Newcombe's search will propel him back to a pivotal time in NSW when the penal colony was transforming into a democracy. John's paternal ancestor played an important role in the fight for freedom of the press. But behind the facade of middle-class respectability, John will discover his two-times-great grandmother was ...
Best known for her alter ego Kath Day-Knight from the hugely popular Kath and Kim series, Jane Turner is an icon of Australian comedy. Her paternal line takes Jane back to her three-times-great grandfather, who was one of Western Australia's pioneering British settlers. Jane will uncover the desire that drove her wealthy a...
Shane Jacobson's father, Ron, was born into a family of carnival workers and lived in a tent until he was 21. They know nothing of their ancestry, but Shane's convinced they come from Viking stock. His crusade will take him to Finland where Shane's great grandfather took drastic steps that echo down the Jacobson line. His ...
Actor Rachel Griffiths's journey into the past takes her back to the re-emergence of Judaism in 17th century England. She discovered that her eight-time grandfather was one of the best known Jewish capitalists in London - associated with the Royal Exchange, the Bank of England, and the British East India Company. But his b...
Mal Meninga goes on a deeply personal quest to discover if he's descended from an indentured labourer - brought back from the Pacific Islands to work in the Queensland cane fields - in a culture replete with racism, kidnapping and slavery. His search takes him to Tanna Island in Vanuatu. He finds his ancestor spent time in...
Singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem has searched for the creative connection in her ancestry - some link that would explain her own abilities. Her infectious curiosity is rewarded by the intricate adventures of her great grandmother, an enigmatic woman whose life took some unexpected twists and turns. As family secrets are rev...
In one of Sydney's great convict buildings, Peter Garrett discovers an ancestor at the forefront of social welfare in the colony. He'll also unearth the secret life of his grandmother who worked in a forgotten area of first Contact - the Lock Hospitals in Western Australia. More than a century later, Peter follows his gran...
In this new season, eight of Australia's most respected and recognisable faces retrace the footsteps of their ancestors across the country and around the world, as they strive to make sense of the present by connecting with their family's paths. Award-winning stand-up comedian and host of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of ...
Season 15
Former world number one tennis champion, Pat Rafter, looks into a story of scandal on his mother's side and uncovers a surprising family fortune. Fearing something contentious is buried in his paternal ancestry, Pat is confronted by his two times Great Grandfather's violent past.
Actor and director, Wayne Blair discovers his maternal Great Grandfather was one of the last survivors of the Woppaburra people from Queensland's Keppel Islands. And while searching for his paternal Great Grandfather, Wayne uncovers an extraordinary twist.
Season 5
Award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) takes a trip into the past to explore his beloved grandmother's family. He uncovers the story of a woman haunted by demons, and finds a connection to a family that risked everything in one of the greatest migrations in American history.