Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?

Catching up on Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry??

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Season 4
Katherine Cole was raising her 2-year-old daughter and was on the dating scene, but no one stood out until she met Anthony Greco.
Beth Miller always played by the rules, but after meeting handsome Adam Carriere, Beth couldn't suppress her desire to rebel against her upbringing.
Sabrina Sanders was thrilled to marry a man of the law. But her excitement soon waned when her husband became distant; holed up in his computer room at all hours of the night.
After a failed marriage, Christie Smith was ready to spice up her love life. And after running into her high school crush, Christie's life became anything but boring.
Krystal Kunkel thought romance was a thing of the past, until she met Tommy Garcia. He stepped seamlessly into the role of husband and father.
Valerie Justice was shocked when boyfriend, Laurence Lovejoy, proposed! Her teenage daughter, Erin, had doubts but supported them, until one day Erin accused Laurence of rape.
Louise Gallagher was focused on her daughters and her career. When she meets charming entrepreneur Conrad Cini, Louise was instantly attracted to his mysterious qualities.
Newly single Amy Anderton was caught off guard when she fell for an Irishman and school teacher. But this upstanding do-gooder was hiding a deviant darkness.
In 1993, psychotherapist Danielle Jenson moved to Palm Beach, Florida, and her demanding schedule didn't leave time for a social life.
In 1989, Rob and Lisa had it all, a beautiful home, a loving son and a baby girl on the way. It seemed like nothing could prevent this family from climbing the social ladder.
In 1988, Deborah Hunnewell fell for her co-worker, Scott Erskine. In a few months, they were tying the knot and expecting. Then Scott started acting strange.
Kathleen Stimon had a picture perfect life with her son and husband, Bruce. But in 2011, Bruce seemed to only love one thing – his smartphone.
Season 5
Matt Woods ignored rumours of his wife Meri McCracken that earned her the nickname Crazy Meri, but within months his marriage was a living hell.
Shawna Williams married one of her oldest friends, only to find out that her husband Shawn had been hiding a threatening secret since their first date.
Rachel McFarland's fell for shy, single dad, Darrell Wilson but their marriage didn't last long. When she moved on, she would discover just how deadly Darrell's wrath could be.
Fifteen-year-old Kari Rogers married eighteen-year-old Lonnie Keith soon after being introduced by friends, but she quickly found out that he had many dirty little secrets.
Settling into civilian life, veteran Nathan Richardson falls for actress Shannon Rogers. He soon discovers the devil he married and finds himself a matter of National Security.
Joyce Sowa gave up her independence when she fell for a real estate agent named Bryant Parker. The couple soon wed, but it wasn't long before Bryant's charm wore off.
Rachel Alvarez is pleased when her husband, Sergio, embarks on a career as a police officer, then the police show up on her doorstep with a warrant for his arrest.
For Tabitha Howe, romance was the last thing on her mind when she fell for Scott Wellington. Tabitha would soon question everything she knew about her first true love.