Who The Bloody Hell Are We?

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Who The Bloody Hell Are We?

Well over a million people in Australia now have Chinese ancestry. Cook, TV presenter and author Adam Liaw is one of them. Deftly sidestepping nearly 200 years of racial stereotyping, Adam embarks on a journey to find out how people of Chinese descent fit into Australia's story....

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Kiwis are one of the largest migrant groups in Australia, but how do we view them? As proper migrants or as visiting family who've outstayed their welcome? Comedian Cal Wilson is on a mission to find out how Kiwis like her fit into Australia's national story. It's a quest that takes Cal from the Maori seafarers who formed ...
Filmmaker, author and provocateur John Safran embarks on an idiosyncratic quest to discover the role that Jews have played in modern Australia's story. It's a journey that takes him from a shoplifting single mum on the First Fleet to the remote part of the Outback that almost became Israel. Revelling in the parts of the Au...