Women Of The Sun

July 2017

Season 1 Episode 1

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Women Of The Sun examines the lives of 4 Aboriginal women set in the 1820s, 1890s, 1930s and in the 1980s. The lives of the Nyari people completely change when they discover two convicts on the beach.

Season 1 Episode 2

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As the seal-hunters discovered the rich bounty off the southern coasts, they supplemented their isolated lives by kidnapping Aboriginal women.

Season 1 Episode 3

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Nerida Anderson has been working in the city as a bookkeeper. While she has been away, conditions on the government-established reserve have deteriorated.

Season 1 Episode 4

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Ann Cutler is the 18-year-old adopted daughter of middle-class parents. The loving relationship she has with her parents changes dramatically when she discovers that she is Aboriginal.