Yorkshire Auction House

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Yorkshire Auction House

In Scotland, Angus and the team clear out an attic filled with Ferrari memorabilia. How much will this incredible collection make at auction?

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Season 1
Angus is in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to clear out a home that's full of books. He takes an interest in a Bechstein piano, a scary vase and a silver loving cup.
Angus and the team clear out a big house in Whixall, Shropshire. They uncover a Victorian desk set, a hanging lantern and Vogue clothing patterns.
Angus is in Sutton Coldfield to look through a life-long collection. He uncovers Beatles memorabilia and two programmes from England's 1966 World Cup win.
Angus and the team clear out a farmhouse in Cumbria. They uncover some wonderful antiques, including a box of collectable toy cars and a 19th century bureau.