You Can't Ask That

May 2020

Season 5, Episode 8 (Kids)

2.5 84 x
In this funny, heart-warming and revealing episode, we speak to kids from around Australia - from the city to the country - about families, friendships, screen time, bullying, sex, death and the internet. (Final)
April 2020

Season 5, Episode 7 (Public Housing)

4.0 42 x
We speak to eight Australians who live in public housing to ask them the tough questions such as "Why do you get a house for doing nothing?"

Season 5, Episode 6 (Olympic And Paralympic Gold Medalists)

3.0 28 x
In this episode we ask six Olympic gold medalists and one Paralympic gold medalist about winning. Is it all it's cracked up to be? What does it take to be the best in the world? Determination? Obsession? Money? Sacrifice?

Season 5, Episode 5 (Hiv Positive)

3.0 40 x
Eight people talk about what it's really like to live with HIV. While the disease is no longer life-threatening - or even contagious - with the right medication the fear and stigma it still carries for many is life changing.

Season 5, Episode 4 (Autism Spectrum)

4.3 139 x
By the end of this episode, you'll have met eight remarkable people on the autism spectrum, and been given eight unique windows into a world we rarely, if ever, hear about.

Season 5, Episode 3 (Killed Someone)

3.0 69 x
What does it do to someone, ending a life? In this episode each of the people you'll meet woke up one morning feeling like an ordinary person, and went to bed forever changed.
March 2020

Season 5, Episode 2 (Nudists)

4.8 306 x
No topic is off limits in this funny and heart-felt look at body image, self love and what it means to chill in the nude.

Season 5, Episode 1 (Firefighters)

4.0 32 x
In the season premiere of You Can't Ask That, you'll meet nine firefighters from around the country who'll give you their raw, personal, unfiltered insights into fire, fear, heroism and more.
January 2020

Season 3, Episode 2 (Ex-reality Tv Stars)

4.0 39 x
Is the idea of fame and fortune all it's cracked up to be? Ex-Reality TV stars tell all about what's it's like to jump head first into the world of reality TV and come out the other side. This is the reality of reality TV.
May 2019

Season 4, Episode 8 (Disaster Survivors)

3.0 77 x
Eight survivors from eight different disasters go back to the moment of impact, recalling exactly what happened, how they survived and ultimately where their lives are now.