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Yukon Men

As the dark days descend, villagers scramble to make final preparations. Desperate for meat, the Morses come nose to nose with a bear.

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Season 5
The reality of the 'dark days' takes hold. Chris and Jessi struggle for each meal and need a new strategy. Putting the village first, Charlie falls behind on his own preparations
Charlie and James rush to save a home. Pat's last hope for meat is in jeopardy. Racing to rebuild the survival cabin means going where no man has gone before.
With a brutal winter taking hold, Chris and Jessi struggle to stay warm. In Rampart,Charlie digs deep into his bag of tricks. Stan and Joey build a monster truck.
Rebuilding after the fire set everyone back. Charlie needs all his native wisdom, Pat Moore gambles big and Stan needs James' lumber to help rebuild his cabin.
After the devastating fire, villagers must modify techniques to survive winter. A young couple arrives at their homestead to discover a life more challenging than they imagined.
After Alaska's largest wildfire ravages Tanana, the villagers must adapt their subsistence lifestyles to a new even harsher reality.
The largest wildfire in Alaskan history torches the land surrounding Tanana and threatens to devour the village. With state resources spread thin, the villagers must band together to battle the blaze or risk losing everything.