1000-Lb Best Friends

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1000-Lb Best Friends

Vannessa works to repair the fractured relationship with her sister before going under the knife. Meghan has an eventful encounter with an ex at her high school reunion.

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Season 1
During therapy, Vannessa finally confronts the demons from her past. Meghan and Vannessa struggle to drop as many pounds as possible before they finally weigh in with Dr. Procter.
Tina has an eye-opening appointment with Dr. Procter. Also, a shameful secret from Vannessa's past threatens to jeopardize her diet.
The ladies go to Florida so Meghan can fulfill her dream of walking on the beach again, but things go awry when one friend gets too drunk.
Meghan attempts to gain body confidence by shopping for toys at an adult store. Vannessa prepares to move away from her toxic sister, Jakie.
Meghan organizes a glamping trip for the group, but tempers flare when Vannessa and Tina have trouble sorting out their differences.
After disappointing weigh-ins with Dr. Procter, Meghan and Vannessa are determined to do better.
Four obese best friends struggle to lose weight together. They visit Dr. Procter to get back on track.