1000-lb Sisters

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1000-lb Sisters

Amy undergoes gastric bypass surgery to change her life but endangers herself by not sticking to the post-op diet; Tammy seeks support from her love interest, Jerry.

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Season 1
Amy decides to have a real wedding ceremony because if she gets approved for surgery, she's afraid she may not survive.
After a stressful first month of dieting, the sisters head back to Atlanta for their one-month check in with Dr. Procter to find out if they are on the right path to their goals.
Amy and Tammy eagerly begin their weight loss journey; sticking to their diets is a matter of life or death but proves to be a real struggle.
Amy and Tammy go to Atlanta to meet Dr. Procter to discuss weight loss surgery. Dr. Procter gives Tammy a hefty weight loss goal before he will approve her for surgery.
The Slaton sisters, tipping the scales at over 1,000 pounds combined, have always depended on each other for support.