A Kind Of Spark

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A Kind Of Spark

Miss Murphy's true nature is revealed, and Audrey works out what happened to Maggie. Addie makes one final plea for her memorial. Will Juniper do the right thing?

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Season 1
Keedie is in burnout after the drama at school. Can Addie help her and find out what happened in Miss Murphy's office all those years ago. Can Frank and Nina find a lost tortoise?
It's the day of Addie's performance, but there's even more drama behind the scenes as Emily's jealousy reaches breaking point. With Maggie in prison, Elinor plans a daring rescue.
Inner truths are revealed at Addie's first ever sleepover. But when Jenna asks awkward questions about Miss Murphy, Keedie clams up. In the 16th century a jail break is planned.