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Above Average Presents

Fred Armisen takes a vow of silence. Cecily Strong is not impressed. A woman gets a Brazilian wax.

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Season 1
All the ways you can get dumper. Andy Samberg talks about his childhood. Bobby Moynihan sits at the cool kids' table.
John Mulaney is moving soon. Vampires try human food for the first time. Vanessa Bayer wants to share fans with Demi Lovato.
Russel Brand enlightens a fan. A how-to guide on kidnapping sustainably. Will Ferrell acts his way out of a paper bag.
A trailer for this year's shocking new horror film. Children perform an accurate nativity scene. Tina Fey reveals her darkest secrets.
Ellen DeGeneres is so polite. Hillary Clinton gets ready for a Harvard Party. "Pulp Fiction" gets rejected by executives.
Nick Jonas isn't releasing a collection of Thanksgiving songs. Alia Shawkat has a knife. Jessica Lowe is followed by a hangover.
Jane Lynch has had enough of the questions. A literary agent doesn't know how to read. Paul Rudd has a favourite dessert.
Bill Hader has to wait in line. Learn office etiquette from the head of HR. Kristen Wiig tries to find her going-out dress.
Jason Sudeikis does his best dad impression. Why your food takes so long at restaurants. Vanessa Bayer gives dating advice to Drake.