Addicted Australia

Addicted Australia catch up

December 2020

S1 Ep4

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February, 2020. The treatment program has 9 weeks to go. Melbourne faces a COVID-19 lockdown as the global pandemic accelerates, and the Turning Point team call a crisis meeting to keep the treatment program on track.
November 2020

S1 Ep3

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January 2020. The treatment program has reached its halfway point and the participants continue to grapple with their addictions and underlying trauma. Heidi is still in the grip of alcoholism and is booked into a five-day detox and a week in short-stay rehab. Keegan’s not engaging fully with the treatment program. As the ...

S1 Ep2

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As Christmas approaches, the treatment program steps up and the participants attempt to deal with their issues. Retired executive assistant Dawn is booked into detox in a few weeks’ time. The 62-year-old is hoping to break the habit of almost half a century of drinking.

S1 Ep1

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The treatment program begins. The ten participants must be physically and psychologically examined by the Turning Point team to determine the bespoke care they need. At the first peer support group, the group meets for the first time. Tensions soon run high between an intoxicated Matthew and a sober Jess, before an emotion...