Avocado Toast

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Avocado Toast

Elle makes a big decision, Molly finally takes a big risk, and their friendship is hanging in the balance.

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Season 1
Molly confronts her parents and steals the car. Jake cooks Elle dinner, and Elle finally cracks.
Meredith and Francis try to get Patricia and Hunter back together. Molly arrives at her parent's house and walks into what appears to be a full fledged swinger party.
The harsh light of morning reveals some harsh truths. Elle takes off back to the city and Molly is left to hitchhike - when Roger returns and saves the day.
Molly and Elle take a road trip, and arrive at Elle's family cottage to discover Roger has 'gone fishing'. Molly and Elle are forced to indulge in their friendship.
Molly calls The One. Elle's discussion with her mom blows up in her face. Molly decides she and Elle need a self-care retreat.
Molly comes out to her mom and admits that she's been suspended from school. When she accidentally eats edibles, it takes her on a wild ride into her subconscious.
A team-building class at Patricia and Elle's agency turns competitively violent. Molly decides to finally venture out of the house when she has a run-in with an angry PTA parent.
Molly is in her personal nightmare - subbing in for the sex-ed teacher for a grade 6 class while trying to deny her own sexuality. Elle hatches a plan to fix everything.
Molly returns home to her old roommate and best friend Elle's home after two years. Nothing has changed - except everything.