Balls of Steel Australia

January 2016

Season 2 Episode 5

3.0 252 x
Neg gets people out of bed with his new urban sport - Wake Up Call, Olivia Lee auditions brides for Prince Harry, and Baby John creates an annoying new game.

Season 2 Episode 6

3.0 151 x
The Very Foreign Correspondent goes undercover as a security guard, the Bunny Boiler becomes a surfing teacher, and Neg gets hot under the collar with his new urban sport.

Season 2 Episode 4

2.3 393 x
Olivia Lee hits the streets as an interpreter, the Misfits Stunt Crew look for common household dangers, and Nude Twins lose weight - along with their clothes - while getting fit.

Season 2 Episode 3

3.0 121 x
The Bunny Boiler becomes a waitress, Short Tempered picks some fights with taller people, and Just Come Out tries to get a man delivered to his back door.

Season 2 Episode 1

4.3 183 x
A remake of the British television series, in which contestants set out to do the bravest, crudest jokes on the unsuspecting public to show their balls of steel.

Season 2 Episode 2

3.0 249 x
The Bunny Boiler teaches couples yoga, Neg creates an urban sport involving ice cream, and Baby John drives contestants crazy with his latest game show, Numberwords.

Season 1 Episode 9

3.0 131 x
James Kerley drives contestants nuts with a faulty buzzer, the devil annoys people in the street and Flatmate Wanted reveals a racist streak

Season 1 Episode 10

3.0 113 x
James Kerley drives into trouble in the Car of Cash, Neg gets up to some more 'urban bouncing' and Just Come Out goes looking for love in a rug shop.
December 2015

Season 1 Episode 7

3.1 421 x
Neg throws burgers at unsuspecting strangers. Nude Girl gets her kit off in a series of job interviews. Very Foreign Correspondent reports on Melbourne taxi violence.

Season 1 Episode 8

3.0 170 x
James Kerley presents a game show where the price is always wrong. Bunny Boiler takes saucy photos of someone else's boyfriend.