Bargain Block

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Bargain Block

Keith and Evan have a change of pace and tackle a renovation to create their own dream home in the heart of Detroit. With a few setbacks, the team dreams up a lofty plan.

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Season 3
Keith and Evan purchase a home and turn it into a Nordic paradise. With setbacks that send the budget spiraling. The house turns into one of their most difficult homes yet.
Keith and Evan buy a home filled with debris and branches. Keith finds a few treasures that inspire him to create a forest-chic design that incorporates the best that nature has.
Keith and Evan take on a desolate duplex and transform it into a single-family dream home. Keith sees this as the perfect opportunity to take inspiration from across the pond.
Keith and Evan take on a decrepit house from Detroit's past that they hope to turn into a shining beacon of the city's future. Using eco materials, their design includes cork.
Season 2
After an unexpected teardown sets their budget back, Keith and Evan refine their skills with a modern twist on a 1950s-inspired home and get funky with a statement-making design.
With the nightmare duplex sending Keith and Evan into a tailspin, the guys take on a new house to keep up momentum.
Keith and Evan run into more stress than expected while renovating an old house into a peaceful zen bungalow.
Shea and her husband take on an exciting new venture as they buy a home on the renovation block.
Keith and Evan take a risk with unconventional ideas for their next two decrepit houses on the block.