Betrayal catch up


April 7, 2022

Expired 4.0 15 x
Two strangers begin a romance when they discover their partners are lovers, which leads to a series of escalating events.
Episodes 2015

Wed 23 Dec, season 1 episode 12

3.0 75 x
While Jack and Elaine struggle to navigate this turbulent time with their kids, Sara and Drew may be falling back into old habits.

Wed 23 Dec, season 1 episode 13

3.0 73 x
In the aftermath of Sara's shooting, the two families are forced to confront decisions they've made, as well as look to the future.

Tue 22 Dec, season 1 episode 11

3.0 43 x
Jack's confession sends shockwaves through the McAllister and Karsten families. Meanwhile, Sara is resolved to exonerate her lover and tries to find evidence to clear him.

Wed 16 Dec, season 1 episode 10

3.0 60 x
Elaine and Aidan struggle with defining their relationship as they continue to get to know each other.

Wed 16 Dec, season 1 episode 9

3.0 87 x
Jack whisks Sara away for a romantic road trip, even as the FBI is tracking him down.

Tue 15 Dec, season 1 episode 8

3.0 68 x
TJ becomes reckless after a traumatic event, Jack realises he's become disconnected from his family. Sara and Drew struggle with the new dynamic at home.

Wed 9 Dec, season 1 episode 6

3.0 91 x
Sara's concern about Jack's and her relationship being exposed intensifies. Jack makes a difficult confession that leaves him vulnerable and exposed.

Wed 9 Dec, season 1 episode 7

3.0 90 x
Neither Sara nor Jack's families will ever be the same after Drew's discovery of the affair.

Mon 7 Dec, season 1 episode 5

3.0 75 x
Sara and Jack's secret trysts cause Jack to make an effort at home and Sara to blossom with a new sense of self-confidence.