S2003 Ep3 - Emma Donovan

Expired 3.0 137 x
Gumbainggir Lady - Emma Donovan is a young Gumbainggir woman whose vocal style is influenced by country, gospel and soul. (An SBS Production) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) G
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Blacktrax S2003 Ep6 - Troy Cassar-Daley

4.0 131 x
Australia's leading country music star and ARIA award winner Troy Cassar-Daley takes a break from his recording schedule to go on the road with mentor and country western legend Brian Young. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary) (Rpt) G CC WS

S2003 Ep5 - Ursula Yovich

3.0 100 x
Ursula Yovich - In the final episode of this series, Ursula Yovich takes us back to her family home in Darwin and then into her mother's country of Maningrida, Arnhem Land, where she learns more about her mother's culture and language. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Final) (Rpt) G CC WS

S2003 Ep4 - Local Knowledge

3.0 99 x
Local Knowledge - Newcastle hip-hop trio Local Knowledge are loved for their 'in your face' lyrics addressing issues of cultural identity and empowerment. (An SBS Television Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) PG (L) CC WS

S2003 Ep2 - Fitzroy Express

3.0 141 x
Fitzroy Xpress: Little Bit Country... Little Bit Rock'n'Roll -Features WA band Fitzroy Xpress, formed over 20 years ago in the artists' home town of Fitzroy Crossing, WA. The band creates a unique blend of country, rock'n'roll and reggae. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) G CC WS

S2003 Ep1 - Shakaya

3.0 73 x
Shakaya - This five-part music series celebrates the work of Indigenous Australian musicians Shakaya, Fitzroy Xpress, Emma Donovan, Local Knowledge, and Ursula Yovich. This episode features Simone and Naomi, the artists who make up Shakaya, the award winning Top 40 duo. (An SBS Production in English) (Documentary Series) (...