Brave Wilderness

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Brave Wilderness

Coyote Peterson gets pinched by a crab, takes on the jellyfish challenge and saves some lobsters.

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Season 1
Coyote Peterson takes it back to prehistoric times in this dinosaur-centric episode.
Coyote explains the difference between venom and poison by showing off a newt and a jungle spider.
Coyote Peterson tries the puke fruit challenge and possibly the most disgusting food he's ever had.
Coyote Peterson gets wing'd by a chicken and has an adventure with a bald eagle.
Coyote Peterson unearths a monster river shrimp and a new species of blue crayfish.
Coyote Peterson finds a gliding tree frog, a toad that sprays poison and a poison dart frog.
Coyote Peterson has a close call with an alligator and checks out the most venomous rattlesnake in the world.
Coyote Peterson is quilled by a porcupine, finds a pine marten and runs into a grizzly bear!
Coyote Peterson discovers a slug and a centipede...and gets stung by a scorpion!