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Brandon challenges Kayne to a hoof-thumping mission: to train as a Jackaroo and then muster about 40 head of cattle in the Megalong Valley.

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Season 1
Brandon challenges Kayne to catch, cook and then eat an Arafura File Snake - a rare delicacy that lives in croc-infested waters in Arnhem Land!
In this reverse episode, Kayne challenges Brandon to help save animals that live in the city or get into a spot of bother living alongside humans.
Brandon challenges Kayne to go out after dark and spot little penguins sneaking out of the sea to feed their babies!
Brandon challenges Kayne to swim with Grey Nurse Sharks and to take an underwater photograph in case one day they are gone for good.
Brandon challenges Kayne to catch a saltwater croc and attach a satellite tag to it to help rangers keep the local community safe.
Brandon takes Kayne to the Great Barrier Reef to track down one of the greatest sights in the animals kingdom: baby turtles racing for the sea minutes after they are born.
Brandon challenges Kayne to the unthinkable- to lure in a great white shark by beatboxing!
Brandon challenges Kayne to find a honey ant in the midst of the central desert - a ridiculous idea, especially when Kayne learns they live four feet underground.
Brandon challenges Kayne to track down an elusive cassowary, one of Australia's rarest birds.
Brandon challenges Kayne to a deadly mission: to find and then tag a venomous Tiger Snake.
Brandon challenges Kayne to track down one of the deadliest and rarest spiders on earth: the northern tree-dwelling funnel web spider!
Brandon takes Kayne to Tasmania for a ridiculously nail-biting mission, to track down and then kiss a Tasmanian Devil!