Catch And Release

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Catch And Release

Filippa races against time to beat the perpetrator, with the salmon river's owner next on the list; the police fear that the perpetrator is someone close to them.

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Season 1
The case takes another turn with the discovery of Mira Hildonen; Filippa must dig deep into the village's past to find some answers.
Filippa returns to the case and works with Anders to investigate the village's sport-fishing community, only to learn that Irja has beaten them to it.
Detective Anders comes to Filippa and starts demanding answers; Inja receives an unexpected visitor and is faced with a tough decision.
The prime suspect in the murder investigation is on the run when a new killing sends shockwaves through the village.
Officer Filippa is curious when the girl on the run turns up at the hospital, and uncovers information about the doctor that may offer new insight into the murder.
The officers investigating Dr Meyer's murder search for clues in a villager's ramblings, and look into a possible connection to the girl on the run in the woods.
A small North-Norwegian village's doctor is found dead by a fishing river, and the former head of police decides to investigate.