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Deondre Bradford discovers the source of his girlfriend's new secretive behaviour. Follow up with Irene Neal.

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Season 15
Nicki Parsons fears her husband-to-be has developed a case of cold feet. Follow up wit Natalie.
Jade suspects her husband's late-night meetings aren't with a business partner. Follow up with Tiffany Owens.
Jasmine Skiies is betrayed by her husband during their trial separation. Follow up with Brandy Folger.
Mondo Brown discovers why his girlfriend has been so out of pocket lately. Follow up with Travis Edwards.
Lindsey Johnson fears her unemployed boyfriend is not using his time wisely. Follow up with Katrina Anderson.
Jasmine Washington is concerned about her boyfriend's backsliding behaviour. Follow up with Derrell.
Wendy Spring finds out why her husband is suddenly interested in yoga. Follow up with Richard Sharp.
Ashley Santos discovers the disconnect between her boyfriend's action and words. Follow up with Justice.
Lynn Skinner worries her husband has the seven-year itch. Follow up with Dashayla Bowden.
Season 1
Josh goes to see Fola, intent on ending things, but they end up sleeping together.
Zack manages to get his prescription back from Esther, and their friendship blossoms.
After another aborted attempt at sex with Fola, Zack impulsively buys some Viagra.
After the awkwardness of the party, Fola confronts Zack over their non-existent sex life.
After Josh and Fola are reunited with their respective partners, things get complicated.
After their flight from Finland is delayed, Josh and Fola end up sleeping together.