Come Dine with Me

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Season 18

Season 18, Episode 31 - Stroud 5

4.6 12 x
Tensions are rising high between the two women and it seems everyone is waiting to see if it will blow. It may be a battle of the risottos but Kate has a secret weapon that may help her win the £1000 prize.

Season 18, Episode 30 - Stroud 4

4.7 7 x
It’s the fourth night of the competition in Stroud and the turn of marketing executive Liv to host. She is incorporating her love of Italian food into her menu, despite the fact she has never been.

Season 18, Episode 29 - Stroud 3

4.5 2 x
This week’s competition is in Stroud, where third to host this week is Belarusian rocker Tatsy, and she’s trying to impress her guests by giving them a taste of ‘Mother Russia’, which is inspired by her culture and heritage.

Season 18, Episode 28 - Stroud 2

3.0 18 x
It’s the second night of the competition from Stroud and the turn of the only man in this week’s group, Elliot, to cook.

Season 18, Episode 27 - Stroud 1

4.0 9 x
This week’s competition is in Stroud, where first up is housewife and horse trainer, Melanie, who’s opted for a quick and easy vegetarian menu so she can focus on a glamorous night of hosting and partying.

Season 18, Episode 66 - Bristol 5

4.7 10 x
Serving up the last meal of the week is nanny Sarah, who hopes to scoop the grand with an evening of children’s food done in a sophisticated manner.

Season 18, Episode 65 - Bristol 4

4.5 22 x
This is the night all the guests have been waiting for, seeing Jack in his element. They all embrace the theme, but Jack’s timings and temperatures make it hard not to notice the pressure he has put himself under.

Season 18, Episode 63 - Bristol 2

4.5 7 x
Hoping to finish the week a grand better off is footy fan Adam, who dedicates his dinner to his favourite sport - soccer. Will an evening of soccer splendor impress his guests, or leave them calling foul?

Season 18, Episode 62 - Bristol 1

3.0 12 x
This week’s competition is in and around Bristol, and our first host of the week is 33-year-old party girl Jade, who’s hoping to impress her guests with a festival themed evening.

Season 18, Episode 61 - Durham 5

Expired 4.0 7 x
This week's competition is in and around Durham where our final host of the week is big-time party girl Kenya. Kenya is hoping to impress her guests with an East African menu, complete with safari theme. Kenya's wild nature has provided many memorable moments this week and she'll be looking to take that energy into the kit...