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Designing Women

Suzanne believes her maid, Consuela, has put a fatal voodoo curse on her to take effect at midnight. In case it comes true, the other ladies have a slumber party.

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Season 1
While Charlene's boyfriend Mason is living in Tokyo, they have agreed to date other people. She goes with a man named Ed who is married to another woman.
Julia expects an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Reese Watson, but gets a canary instead. Nonetheless, they get married while drunk and annul the marriage the next morning.
On Thanksgiving Day, Julia and Suzanne's mother Perky visits. However, a shadow is cast over the celebration when the women learn that a client was murdered.
Julia's son Payne comes home from college with his girlfriend: a professor named Primrose Horton who is at least twice his age.
Suzanne persuades Mary Jo to allow her to set her up with a date.
Suzanne is bored with not being involved in the actual work at Sugarbaker's, so Julia allows her to work on Design House '86. The next morning it burns to the ground.
Suzanne sets up Charlene on a blind date with a wholesaler of imported goods.
Mary Jo objects to her 12-year-old daughter Claudia entering in a beauty pageant.
At the interior design firm of Sugarbaker & Associates, thrice-divorced ex-beauty queen Suzanne Sugarbaker goes out with the ex-husband of her co-worker Mary Jo Shivley.