Duff: Ace Of Taste

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Duff: Ace Of Taste

Being outside in the late afternoon with Johnna is exactly what Duff loves to do, so their sunset hike has become something of a tradition. To prepare, Duff bakes up a satisfying picnic lunch with homemade pretzels and cheese fondue.

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Season 1
Marrying Johnna was about the best thing Duff has ever done, so why not make her completely happy? Duff takes on everything Johnna loves to eat, including his great grandmother’s chocolate babka and a savory babka creation filled with spinach artichoke dip.
Having baby Josephine in his life allows Duff to indulge in the dainty and delicious. Duff puts together recipes for tiny fingers to grab like mini quiches filled with bacon and cheese, a fancy layered sponge cake and his decadent mini fudge bites.
There is no doubt that Duff loves to rock! And today is Duff’s turn to provide the snacks for band practice. So, before he can make the music, he needs to satisfy the stomach. Duff puts together a decadent meal including cheeseburger cream puffs, sweet and spicy muhammara dip.
The neighborhood elementary school is having a bake sale, so riffing on the bake sales he loved as a kid, Duff bakes up some all-time crowd-pleasers to fit the bill including brown butter blondies, his unique take on a black and white cookie, buttery spritz cookies and syrupy honey baklava.
Firemen love to eat well, so Duff rises to the challenge by showing off his calling card: classic, all-beef Texas chili. Duff digs in and presents a comforting spread of cornbread and cobbler.