Extreme Food Phobics


S1 Ep9

4.0 3 x
This episode features a groom-to-be who can't eat the same food as his guests at his own wedding, preferring a plate of chicken nuggets, and a 21-year-old whose chip addiction means her body is so vitamin deficient, she's putting her health in real danger.

S1 Ep8

3.0 3 x
This episode features a barbecue-nut who can't bear the sight of avocados, and an Equestrian coach whose diet is preventing her from going on dates.

S1 Ep7

4.0 2 x
This episode follows a 34-year-old woman whose restrictive diet of mostly chip butties is putting her health at serious risk, and a street food chef who is so terrified of most foods that he can't even taste his own dishes.