Season 3, Episode 16

3.0 6 x
Walter and Sylvester go undercover as competitors at an international chess competition in order to extricate a U.S. spy from a foreign country before her identity is exposed.

Season 3, Episode 14

4.0 7 x
Team Scorpion must save a worker teetering on the edge of a massive sink hole that threatens to destroy the Los Angeles water supply forever.

Season 3, Episode 8

3.0 14 x
The team travel to Ireland to attend Megan's memorial, but Walter discovers a natural disaster in a nearby lake has created a poisonous cloud that's threatening the entire village.
Episodes 2018

Season 4, Episode 13

3.0 95 x
Team Scorpion must work with Toby's nemesis, Quincy Berkstead, and his wife, Amy, Toby's ex-fiancee, when they are locked inside an artificially intelligent doomsday bunker that aims to kill them.

Season 4, Episode 12

4.0 38 x
When Walter chooses work over spending quality time with his friends on Christmas Eve, he falls down the stairs and hits his head and enters a dream world where Team Scorpion never existed.

Season 4, Episode 11

4.0 37 x
As Sylvester goes to bat for Cabe in the trial which could send him to prison, the anxious members of Team Scorpion focus their nervous energy on trying to save a dog stuck in a cistern.

Season 4, Episode 10

4.0 34 x
As Cabe's trial looms over Team Scorpion, a simple case goes sideways when they help a father and his daughter whose plane crashes nearby.

Season 4, Episode 9

4.0 38 x
On Thanksgiving, Team Scorpion's new neighbour, Florence joins them at sea on a mission to destroy a floating island of trash, but her flawed contribution leaves her, Walter and Happy stranded.

Season 4, Episode 8

3.0 25 x
For Sylvester's birthday, Team Scorpion visits a renaissance festival, but the revelry is cut short when a group tries to rob a nearby police evidence locker.

Season 4, Episode 7

3.0 28 x
A device that can prevent a nuclear meltdown is lost in the LA sewers and it is up to Team Scorpion to find it while dealing with a new tenant next door who wants the team to keep their noise down.