Fix My Frankenhouse

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Fix My Frankenhouse

After years of long-distance commuting, a couple finally settles down in Rehoboth, Mass., but the layout of their spacious home is confusing.

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Season 1
A couple moves into a home that's full of odd changes, including a second-story addition that smothers the first floor; Mike and Denese create the forever home of their dreams.
A couple has recently moved into their family's multi-generational home, and they've decided to renovate.
With an expanding family of two kids and a new puppy, a couple's house has become cramped and needs a reconfiguration.
A couple is living in a house that has a stairway to nowhere; Mike and Denese are challenged with creating a sleek, sophisticated space they can both happily agree on.
Over the years, a couple's home has turned into a maze of additions with six staircases, seven types of flooring and three balconies.